John Bell Young, Critic, The St. Petersburg Times, Clavier Magazine, Opera News, American Record Guide «In Dmitri Demiashkin the sterling values of the Russian school of pianism thrive undiminished. That may seem only a truism for any pianist as well trained in the system that produced the likes of Richter, Sofronitsky, and so many others. But in young Demiashkins case, there is even more: a poetic sensibility wed to a transcendent technique, a free and unimpeded rhythm that allows his exceptionally rich musical imagination to take flight, and an often ethereal sound that is as transparent and diaphanous as it is exquisitely refined. Not surprisingly, given these extraordinary assets, Demiashkin brings Emil Gilels to mind in more ways than one. Tremendous talents come and go, but it is only the most musically elite among them who can be called stars. Demiashkin, whose demeanour on stage is no less compelling than his artistic prowess, is indeed a star, and one who, mark my word, will be viewed soon enough as one of the great discoveries of the new century.»
Jacques Leiser, the impresario, USA «Suddenly, there appeared a new dimension and both Dmitri and the piano came alive in an absolutely indescribable manner. I just about fell backwards in an armchair and I had a feeling of paralysis for my camera as well as myself. I glanced about in disbelief of what I was hearing... Quite simply, I was speechless... where was this organ-like overwhelming sound coming from? This was not only a demonstration of incredible virtuosity, but also astounding musicianship. Never in my entire life did I ever hear this Sonata played like this by any pianist. But there was more to come yet. Dmitri then suggested playing the Tchaikovsky-Pletnev "Nutcracker" which was also astounding, followed by Liszt's "Wilde Jagd" which was absolutely stunning. If you had never heard him before, you would not understand, because the impression was quite beyond belief and almost impossible to describe.

In my view, Dmitri Demiashkin is one of the most phenomenal and exciting talents to come along in decades. He is an absolutely electrifying pianist, an authentic, charismatic virtuoso of the sort rarely encountered nowadays. But he is also a refined musician and a musical poet who knows just how to put his extraordinary technical facility to work in the service of music. It gives me the greatest pleasure to recommend Dmitri Demiashkin, who I am convinced will become a future major pianist. He will most certainly thrill and touch the public.»
Nuvi Mehta, Conductor (Nova Vista Symphony) «It is a great pleasure for me to speak of Dmitri Demiashkin, who, to my mind, is a remarkable artist with a vast potentiality to become an excellent pianist. I heard him for the first time at the Russianmusic 2002, where he was the winner, playing S. Prokofievs Third Conerto together with me. That performance inspired the whole orchestra with profound veneration. Since that time I have invited him several times to different cities in California for appearances and each time he amazed the listeners.»